From books to blogs, from social media to brochures, we can quickly provide you with clear, strong prose that convinces clients, builds public awareness and makes sales.

Want a book about your business, your family, your community? We can write it, ghostwrite it, or provide editorial assistance. (Video, publishing and marketing assistance also available.)

We can help you publish persuasive viewpoints for newspapers and professional publications to show your expertise.

We can produce content for blogs as well as news releases, white papers, brochures and other documents.

Your opportunities

Your life, your business, your family … these offer valuable experiences to be shared.

The story behind your family can be a great gift to your children or your parents and to others who would benefit from your knowledge and experience.

The story of your business and how it has evolved over time will show clients and potential customers about the value you bring to your community.

Best of all, you will be able to put matters in the proper perspective and show what you feel are the most valuable aspects of your experiences.

Books like this can be anywhere from 10 pages to 200 pages, and we can do them promptly and in your choice of formats, thanks to on-line publishing and other technology.

My help

The best writers and ghostwriters are great listeners. They pay attention to the speaker, trying to understand context, asking perceptive questions and seeing the story from the teller’s perspective.

That’s been my job for years, interviewing everyone from governors to Death Row inmates and mastering all sorts of subjects well enough to explain them in engaging detail.