I can quickly make your website more successful


You’re good at what you do. You thought you wrote a good website. Or someone wrote one for you.
Your SEO person says people are seeing it online, reading it.
But the phone’s not ringing. People don’t mention it much, if at all. It makes you look adrift, uninformed, kind of embarrassed. And eventually, you’ll have to kill that dying website.
If people are reading your site and not buying what you’re selling, there’s a reason: Your copy isn’t good enough.
I can show you why and where things went wrong, and I can fix the problem, quickly and effectively, without talking like a tech guy.
Better, smarter, targeted sites draw customers. I know, because I’ve been writing for 30-plus years — websites, advertising, journalism, public relations, Twitter, books and blogs.
Lousy sites die miserable, slow, expensive deaths. Why stick with one that’s losing you money every second?
For as little as $125, I will quickly rewrite the existing copy on your site, incorporate new material and tell the story of your business in an effective, productive way that lives and breathes and sells.
So you can rest easy while your ad does what it’s supposed to. Make some money.