New Social Media

Exciting, inexpensive new media offer opportunities for you to reach people.

Let’s sit down, talk about your business and decide what’s best for you — Facebook, Twitter, blogging or all of the above. Then we will draw up a publishing schedule to maximize your impact — and free you to capitalize on your business rather than spend too much time worrying about media details. Otherwise, both your business and your social media may suffer.

Remember, for example, when blogs were going to be the savior of business?┬áThat’s sooo 2009! Look at many staff-produced company blogs and you will see most are months outdated or hold fluff and filler that make your organization look stale and slow.

Still, a well-done, regularly produced blog can boost your business, and I can quickly develop the material to make your blog one that keeps customers thinking of you as someone who adds value to the relationship. The same goes for other social media. Cash in on these exciting new tools.