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50 ways to get personal, build business

Few companies maximize their websites by showcasing the people who are, in fact, most of their assets.

I’m referring to the “About Us” portion of websites.

Fortunately, Mary Stribley has dozens of ways to make your “About Us” very attractive to readers interested in your products and services:




Have you read your website lately?

I can tell the story of your business via website content that builds awareness and draws new customers.

Your website is the Internet’s version of your front door. Well-written copy makes your business more attractive and draws customers inside.

I can quickly and inexpensively help you reach new customers and motivate existing customers. You can boost your brand with interesting, appealing content that makes customers want to know more about you and your products or services.

Mark O’Brien. Experienced. Attentive. Quick.

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Want content that works? Get to the point

Most of us learn to write in high school or college, where we soon realize that beleaguered and/or lazy teachers often grade papers by the pound.
One common school requirement is to write to a required minimum length, a good theory but one that often encourages new writers to pad copy, fill lines and amass word count.
That’s OK for school, perhaps, but clunky writing doesn’t work on today’s Internet, where readers prize their time.
That’s where I come in.
If you want energetic, concise writing that gets your customer’s attention, then I can help you improve your website, blog, book or brochure.
I create content that gets to the point in a quick, entertaining, likable manner that helps you reach your desired audience.