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What I can do for you

I write for businesses and individuals who want to expand their audiences and win more customers. My background in marketing, public relations and journalism lets me tell your story in ways that draw and keep the attention of people you want to influence.

Here’s some of what I have done for clients in the past few weeks:

Wrote promotional material for a group of hotels and a cruise line.

Edited two books on management.

Wrote all the copy for a 48-page specialty magazine.

Wrote web copy for a national rehabilitation company.

Wrote web copy for a website-design company.

Wrote and placed four news releases for two organizations — news releases that were picked up and used by several media in their market, winning valuable “free” media.

Edited copy for two tourism magazines.

Wrote web copy for a firm doing business in the chemical industry.

Wrote numerous blog posts for a heating and air conditioning company.

Wrote a 30-page e-book for a client.

Contact me for a free consultation on ways I can help your business grow. I’m experienced, attentive and quick.

(850) 982-8585