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Improve your website content. Now.

You’re good at what you do. You thought you had a good website.

But customers aren’t buying.

There’s a reason: Your copy doesn’t work.

Maybe the writing is stale and uninteresting, or it needs new material. Maybe it was something you hired your neighbor’s kid to write, and you never got around to fixing it.

I can improve your content quickly and effectively.

I’m experienced, attentive and knowledgeable; I create content that informs, entertains and motivates customers.

I’ve been writing for 30-plus years — social media, websites, advertising, journalism, public relations, marketing, Twitter, books and blogs.

Lousy sites die miserable, slow, expensive deaths. Why stick with one that’s losing money?

For as little as $125, I will quickly rewrite the existing copy on your site, incorporate new material and tell the story of your business in an effective, productive way that lives, breathes and connects with customers.

Contact me for a free consultation.

(850) 982-8585

Mark O’Brien’s bio

Mark O’Brien is a certified public relations counselor who helps businesses improve their images and raise customer awareness of their products and services.

Mark’s specialty is writing and editing copy for websites, which are the Internet’s version of a business’ front door. He knows how to write content that inspires customers and potential customers to do business.

Mark has been a professional writer for more than 30 years, writing everything from Twitter campaigns and business postcards to blogs and news releases, He has ghostwritten books for other people about marketing and social media.

Mark has 10-plus years experience marketing businesses.

This includes writing advertising copy and working with the news media to do stories about his clients.

Mark formerly was a newspaper reporter, editor and columnist. He worked 23 years for the Pensacola News Journal. He also hosted talk shows on BLAB Television and WCOA radio.

Something you didn’t know about Mark: He worked his way through college by driving a taxicab in Boston.

Contact him at

How I help you get more business

You must tell the story of your business quickly, clearly and in an appealing way.

Many business people can do this verbally; after all, they know their business and feel a passion for it.

But many of these same folks don’t do so well when it comes to expressing their story in print, which is where most business is conducted in these days of the Internet.

Here’s where my 30-plus years of experience can help you, whether it’s making your website more appealing to potential customers, crafting an effective brochure or contacting people vie email and other media.

I will make it simple yet enticing by focusing on the value in your products and services.

I will tell the story of your business, and you will see results — in sales, in website visits and in your bottom line.

Let’s talk.

I’m For my clients, I have written everything from postcards to books to get their messages to the audiences they wanted to reach.


I can bring you customers

I write copy that tells the story of your business in a simple, engaging way.

It can be content for your website, a brochure or a book.

I know how to write to reach different audiences.

Thanks to 30-plus years in journalism/public relations/marketing, I can tackle all sorts of subjects and present them in a way that works for you, the client. You get great return on investment when I write your copy; I save you time and bring in the readers you want to reach.

Contact me for a free consultation:

Some of what I have done recently: Wrote or rewrote copy for numerous websites about companies ranging from insurance and sound systems to chemicals, tourism, computers and real estate; wrote and edited brochures and direct mail pieces; wrote and edited books about media, marketing and family history for people who wanted to establish themselves as authorities in a field; wrote blogs and Twitter campaigns for tourism agencies and nonprofits.

Some clients:

Madden Media

9th Grid





Hit refresh and start over this month

True story: My wife and I were at a restaurant recently when a young couple sat nearby, celebrating the one-year anniversary of their first date.

The guy was visibly jacked up, gulping his drink, asking people to take pictures of him and his lady friend, and telling everyone about their anniversary.

She, meanwhile, was sipping water, complaining about an upset stomach, texting on her phone and leaning back in her chair even as he reached across the table to hold her free hand. Body language definitely can speak louder than words.

Then a server discretely stopped by the table and slipped the guy a small box. The guy quickly went on one knee and bent toward the woman. The exact words of the proposal were hard to hear, but her response was not.

“I don’t think I can do this,” she said very clearly, admiring the ring but not putting it on her finger.

They left a few minutes later, much to the chagrin of all of us who were sneaking peeks and wondering how a guy could misread the signals so badly.

“This couple needs a fresh start,” I thought to myself.

It was my second thought. First, I wanted to tell the guy to get that ring back to the jewelry store as quickly as possible and ask for a refund.

But fresh starts are good for all of us, and there’s no better month than June. It’s a time of weddings and graduations, when happy people venture off to marriage and careers.

Lots of us could use fresh starts now, and please don’t mention the New Year’s resolutions that crashed and burned by Jan. 10.

The field of presidential candidates could use a fresh start, and some fresh blood. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush would bring far too much family baggage to the White House, and the other candidates either lack experience or they’re extremists catering to cults.

The Kardashians and TV-watchers everywhere need a fresh start. Perhaps the Kardashians could find that fresh start far, far away from cameras, social media and the selfies they post so proudly.

A fresh start — far from elected office — is due for the Florida House of Representatives, which chose to quit mid-session and go home rather than engage in discussion with the Florida Senate. Normally it’s fun to see politicians fight — they’re such hair-pulling sissies that they squeal — but this action caused all sort of problems for citizens — you know, the people who pay the bills while the politicians pull each other’s hair. By the way, the lawmakers get their health insurance through the state — for less than $9 a month. Yes, that’s n-i-n-e dollars a month.

Please, a fresh start for the sheep that line up at convenience stores to buy lottery tickets each week. Someone please tell them that the casinos pay better odds and they give you free drinks, too.

Then we have the people with “First World” problems and don’t realize how good they have it.

“My BMW is making funny noises.”

“The traffic is so bad it adds two minutes to my commute.”

“I had to wait an hour to get an appointment with my hairdresser to get my hair frosted.”

Check out the folks in the Third World, with genocide, abject poverty and chronic dysentery and get a fresh start on your perspective, people!

This appeared in the June 2015 issue of Splash!, an entertainment magazine serving the Pensacola area.