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Laugh at or with these signs

There’s nothing like a typo or a misspelling to make your message backfire.

Instead of getting respect and stirring interest, you make yourself the butt of jokes, as these errant signs attest

On the plus side, there’s nothing a pen or a new sign can’t correct quickly.


Put some video on your site


When building your site, be sure to include video, but only if the quality is good.

Video appeals to younger people in particular, but executives also will look at it, says a Cisco study quoted here.

A site works best when it has a variety of media, so mix up the techniques and styles to keep people of all ages coming back.


Prime time for email varies

Marketers agonize over the timing of an e-mail blast, but as Linda Formichelli points out, different audiences have different windows of opportunity.

Some people have rigid schedules, but with the spread of mobile devices, many people are on-line at all hours. And weekends may offer better results because people often have more time to read e-mail then.


Improve your Facebook marketing

Not all Facebook marketing campaigns are the same. With some thought and experimentation, you can make yours stand out.

Here’s a good rundown on the basics if you want to fine-tune your Facebook marketing campaign.

And don’t worry about Facebook’s ongoing financial meltdown. Facebook still rules in many areas.

All that Twitters is not real


Keep  your skepticism handy when people throw around figures about the reach of social media.

Yes, it’s immenese, but nowhere near as immense as some would have  us believe, especially when it comes to documenting the existence of living, breathing Twitter subscribers and the fact that you can “buy” followers.

Columbia Journalism Review reports there’s no sign that many Twitter subscribers exist anywhere except in name only.

Mamas, motorcycles, marijuana and more


Most of us treat a birthday as a celebration of the person born, but how about the person who did all the work – the heavy lifting, the pushing, the loss of her waistline?

That would be good ol’ Mom.

We should put more focus on Mom when celebrating our birthdays. Give her more recognition and ask her to recall that major event in her own words, (but please, Ma, no talk about blood and other gory stuff). Let me give birth to some O’pinions:


Music notes

Too many local musicians think we come to the show to hear them talk between every song about politics, the opposite sex or how cool it was to go to Firemen’s Hall back in the day. Stop talking and play the music, please… A good steel guitar improves almost any country song… When you’re looking for good live music and great crowds, walk on the wild side and check out some of the dive bars on Pensacola’s west side.

Why is it?

We always notice when we’re walking uphill, but hardly ever when we’re going downhill?

Image issues

Remember when bikers were muscular, scary figures, not potbellied lawyers and dentists having a mid-life crisis or retirees getting their geriatric groove on? They look less like outlaws and more like in-laws… When it comes to beach wear, nothing says “aging fraternity boy” like a guy wearing shorts and a button-down, long-sleeve shirt… You drive a convertible with the top down and the windows up? Go straight to the Home for Fuddy Duddies, you wuss.

BP bonanza

The Gulf Coast needs to be wise in spending the pile of money we are about to receive from BP for its oil spill. Surely we learned some lessons from all the ninnies who spent their Hurricane Ivan windfalls on plasma TVs rather than repair their homes and invest in their businesses.

Boo Sox

The Boston Red Sox are neither good nor likable this season, so I have switched my allegiance to the Baltimore Orioles and the rebuilding effort led by their manager, our town’s Buck Showalter.

Pot shot

Forty years after American declared war on drugs, it’s time to decriminalize marijuana and try a new approach because we haven’t stopped the influx of drugs, the rise in drug activity and the huge expenditures of money better spent on education and treatment. Declare victory, at least as far as pot is concerned, and tax it.

Why wait?

We already know which presidential candidate we will vote for in November, so let’s have the election tomorrow and save three months of rancor and screeching television ads. If you’re still undecided, I sympathize, but your choices won’t get any easier in the meantime because you can’t find two more different candidates, politically speaking. Encouraging developments

The new, improved downtown Pensacola library… The economic ripples that will come our way with the Airbus plant and Austal expansion in Mobile… The approach of football season.

More good things

Existing grocery stores in “Uptown Pensacola” will compete harder as Target on Bayou Boulevard adds food to its lineup and Fresh Market prepares to open on Airport Boulevard… Pensacola Beach’s added attractions make it a stronger draw in the spring and fall “shoulder seasons”… Chances of a new motel at Navarre Beach.

Mood enhancers

You can have whiskey, bath salts or any other drug. Just give me fresh corn on the cob, tasty tomatoes and an extra-large dish of strawberry shortcake.

This column first appeared in the August 2012 issue of Splash!, a publication of Gulf Breeze News.


Good communications help survivors in Aurora

Here’s a smart idea for helping people communicate in a crisis: Public information officers worked with survivors of the Aurora, Col. theater shooting to handle media requests for interviews.

They were able to funnel reporters to people who wanted to talk and away from people who preferred to be left alone.

A nice touch, helping people with requests they’d never faced before.