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Not all bloggers are alike

You don’t need a license to be a journalist or a blogger, but don’t assume that all bloggers have the ethics of traditional journalists.

Some want money from a subject they are writing about. That’s a no-no for real journalists, as this article by David Coursey points out.

SEO made simple

Do your eyes glaze over at the talk of Search Engine Optimization, that pesky but important process that can significantly help boost your traffic and profits?
Businessman Dave Davies walks us through a step-by-step lesson in SEO that even a technophobe can easily apply to his business.

Even make-believe skin sells product


We already knew that sex sells, especially with men, but this study shows how much difference cleavage can make in sales. Skin=Money, even if the skin isn’t real.

For a presentation, start at the end

When you’re preparing a presentation, start by building the ending first and then working back to the beginning. It will help you keep your topic on track.

That’s one of the tips you will read here in a brief Harvard Business Review blog article on how to make effective presentations.

Get ready for Facebook Business changes March 30


The new timeline is coming to Facebook business pages on March 30, like it or not.

So follow these tips and you will be lookin’ good when the changes come.

Don’t ignore customers on-line

Businesses spend tons of money trying to lure people to their FaceBook pages and web sites, then fail to capitalize by having a conversation with these potential customers.

It’s just like spending a bunch of money on advertising to bring people to your bricks-and-mortar store, then refusing to talk to them.

Here, Maria Pinochet offers some numbers and some ideas to fix the problem and help businesses:

Just the facts: Good story telling

My favorite web site for wacky but well-written news is, which covers an area not far from my home in Pensacola.

It’s a one-man site where William (no last name listed) reports all sorts of bizarre government and crime news amidst the more upbeat news of small-town living — ball games, community fund-raisers, successful students. What he does well is simply tell the story — just the facts, ma’am, no sides taken. Let the reader decide.

The writing lesson: If you’ve got a good story, you don’t need to make it fancy. Just tell it, as quickly and clearly as you can.

There always seems to something off-beat taking place in, which covers the happenings in a largely rural area straddling the Florida-Alabama line. A man in a wheelchair goes on a rampage in a store, a police chief crosses state lines and leaves his jurisdiction to dispense his version of justice…

Here, for example, is a concise story about $202 million in government grants being spent to rehabilitate four homes, including more than $80,000 to modernize a home valued at $11,000 — and located in a flood plain. No fiery rhetoric in the story, although the facts may make your blood boil.

Time management tips for writers

Write when the phone doesn’t ring — late evening, early morning, lunchtime.

These are among the tips Daphne Gray-Grant offers for people who want to increase their writing output.

And stay off-line… unless you’re looking at, of course.


Advertisements for myself


I’m ghostwriting three books and working on public relations projects for an ad agency.

One book is the memoir of a fascinating man who knows a lot about his field. One is a guide on social media and networking, which consultants will use to court and teach clients. The third is part of a book about the history of a successful university.

The public relations work involves two young businesses that are doing very well and want to increase their footprints as well as some news releases aimed at boosting other clients’ activities.

My brain loves the diversity, my wallet loves the fact that I don’t depend too much on one client, and I love the variety of experiences I  get from so many sources.


Good ways to stir your brain

Creativity doesn’t require magic, just curiosity, work – and relaxation, as this essay points out.

Read this article and it will stir your brain.