E-mail marketing can work for you

Content marketing is a smart, low-cost way to promote your business, capture eyeballs and win customers.
And one sure way for people to learn about you is content marketing via e-mail.
Think about all those email addresses you already have for customers, potential customers, vendors and others who might welcome your information and need a reminder that you’re in business.
Smart content marketing quickly gives readers information that’s educational and/or entertaining and doesn’t try the hard-sell approach.
But don’t take my word for it.
Check out this item on www.prdaily.com article on ways to increase your visibility and your revenue.


Check me out

Do you need a strong creator of interesting content whose writing will draw readers to your website and encourage them to want to do business with you?

I have more than 30 years in journalism, public relations, marketing and social media. This combination of fields helps me tell your story effectively and build your audience, whether you’re dealing with computers, healthcare, science, human resources, lodging, even cowboys and the cattle industry. I have ghostwritten books on management, social media, marketing and other subjects, so I can write knowledgeably and well on just about any business topic you have.

Please check these samples and contact me (markobrienusa@gmail.com) if you think we will be a good fit.

I wrote most of the copy for this website:

I wrote much of the copy on this site, including all of the “Practice Areas”:  http://ropella.com

I wrote all the “niche” items and found 25-40 keywords per entry for SEO purposes for this site:

Here’s a travel article I wrote to promote a rodeo:


And, just for fun, read this one about bird-watching:


I’m fast and reliable, and I meet deadlines. Always. I’m comfortable writing from material you provide me or from my own research and interviews on topics you assign.

Thank you.

Learn when to post on social media

Here’s a great source showing you the best times to post on various social media:


Two things I can do for you

1) I can write interesting, compelling copy for your website, blog, brochure or white paper. Many people focus on design and navigability when they build a website, but they overlook the key third part: Making it entertaining, informative, interesting — a site with which customers/readers want to interact. I write copy that tells your story in a way that engages your audience and draws more sales/clicks/responses.

2) I can design and implement an effective public relations campaign for you via traditional and social media. Whether you’re introducing a product or trying to build visibility for your brand, I can craft the messages that hit home with your desired audience.

I have more than 30 years experience in journalism, marketing, advertising, public relations and ghostwriting. Contact me (markobrienusa@gmail.com) and let me show you how I can put my skills and background to work for you.

Guys, get game! Write better

Bad writing costs business billions of dollars per year — from poorly written memos to unnecessarily complicated instruction booklets to expensive marketing materials that fail to connect with the audience.
But it also hurts guys in the dating game.
A recent Wall Street Journal report about a Match.com study found that 87 percent of women were turned off by bad grammar and poor writing in profiles men posted on the dating site.For the ladies, grammar even ranked ahead of teeth as a deal-breaker.
So, fellas, work harder on your writing skills if you want to win a woman’s attention.
Women should, too, although grammar and writing skills aren’t as important to men looking for women. Only 75 percent of men listed these talents as must-haves for a woman.

No, I won’t write a Match.com profile for you. But I will write a great brochure, blog series, web copy or news release that builds positive attention for you and your business.

Contact me at markobrienusa@gmail.com

50 ways to get personal, build business

Few companies maximize their websites by showcasing the people who are, in fact, most of their assets.

I’m referring to the “About Us” portion of websites.

Fortunately, Mary Stribley has dozens of ways to make your “About Us” very attractive to readers interested in your products and services: https://designschool.canva.com/blog/unique-inspiring-about-page




Have you read your website lately?

I can tell the story of your business via website content that builds awareness and draws new customers.

Your website is the Internet’s version of your front door. Well-written copy makes your business more attractive and draws customers inside.

I can quickly and inexpensively help you reach new customers and motivate existing customers. You can boost your brand with interesting, appealing content that makes customers want to know more about you and your products or services.

Mark O’Brien. Experienced. Attentive. Quick.

Contact me for a free initial consultation and references.


Want content that works? Get to the point

Most of us learn to write in high school or college, where we soon realize that beleaguered and/or lazy teachers often grade papers by the pound.
One common school requirement is to write to a required minimum length, a good theory but one that often encourages new writers to pad copy, fill lines and amass word count.
That’s OK for school, perhaps, but clunky writing doesn’t work on today’s Internet, where readers prize their time.
That’s where I come in.
If you want energetic, concise writing that gets your customer’s attention, then I can help you improve your website, blog, book or brochure.
I create content that gets to the point in a quick, entertaining, likable manner that helps you reach your desired audience.

What I can do for you

I write for businesses and individuals who want to expand their audiences and win more customers. My background in marketing, public relations and journalism lets me tell your story in ways that draw and keep the attention of people you want to influence.

Here’s some of what I have done for clients in the past few weeks:

Wrote promotional material for a group of hotels and a cruise line.

Edited two books on management.

Wrote all the copy for a 48-page specialty magazine.

Wrote web copy for a national rehabilitation company.

Wrote web copy for a website-design company.

Wrote and placed four news releases for two organizations — news releases that were picked up and used by several media in their market, winning valuable “free” media.

Edited copy for two tourism magazines.

Wrote web copy for a firm doing business in the chemical industry.

Wrote numerous blog posts for a heating and air conditioning company.

Wrote a 30-page e-book for a client.

Contact me for a free consultation on ways I can help your business grow. I’m experienced, attentive and quick.

(850) 982-8585


Improve your website content. Now.

You’re good at what you do. You thought you had a good website.

But customers aren’t buying.

There’s a reason: Your copy doesn’t work.

Maybe the writing is stale and uninteresting, or it needs new material. Maybe it was something you hired your neighbor’s kid to write, and you never got around to fixing it.

I can improve your content quickly and effectively.

I’m experienced, attentive and knowledgeable; I create content that informs, entertains and motivates customers.

I’ve been writing for 30-plus years — social media, websites, advertising, journalism, public relations, marketing, Twitter, books and blogs.

Lousy sites die miserable, slow, expensive deaths. Why stick with one that’s losing money?

For as little as $125, I will quickly rewrite the existing copy on your site, incorporate new material and tell the story of your business in an effective, productive way that lives, breathes and connects with customers.

Contact me for a free consultation.


(850) 982-8585